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4 Things to Remember when you Quit Smoking

The harmful effects of cigarettes are known to everyone. Despite of that it is not enough for smokers to quit smoking. Smoking is an evil addiction that requires amazing willpower if one want to quit. Following article will help if you are struggling for right motivation and inspiration required following through with your decision. Following four steps are enough to follow up your decision strongly.

Step 1: Admit It

You are addicted. Do not lie to yourself if you feel shame in admitting it in public. There are so many addicts all over the world and they commonly don’t count themselves as addict until things become worse. Even if one quit smoking they are still addict as once an addict is always an addict. They need to struggle many years to keep themselves away going back to same track.

Step 2: Change Your Routine

First cigarettes then Nicotine, both are highly addictive. It leaves your body under control for two or three days. By the fifth or sixth day, the craving starts again and these cravings are result of psychological impact. Try changing your daily routine to remove these psychological triggers for smoking.

Step 3: Don’t Try to Take Over

A lot of people think what works for others may work for them. Every smoker need to understand that if anything works for someone then that is the results of series of attempts to quit smoking. Their success is directly linked to what works and what doesn’t.

Step 4: Drink Some Water

The urge to put a cigarette in your mouth is irresistible, but replacing that habit with a healthier one is always an option. Many believe that drinking cold water using a straw can combat nicotine cravings. Take a few deep breaths as you drink. Feel relax, visualize yourself as a happy nonsmoker.

Here is an eye opening video for you: