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Chantix Information

Want to get the best Chantix information available online? Get all Chantix information about its working, success rate in clinical trials, dosage and much more. Chantix information reveals it has clinically proven its mark in terms of safety and efficacy. More and more people are seeking Chantix information looking at its success rate.

Find out every bit of useful Chantix information and make a decision if you should buy Chantix or not. Before you get to the intricate part of Chantix information, read all the basic Chantix information and facts to have a clear picture of this anti-smoking drug.

Chantix Information and Facts

 Chantix is a non-nicotine prescription anti-smoking drug which helps adults quit smoking.

  • Chantix anti-smoking drug is designed and developed by Pfizer.
  • Most people are confused between Champix and Chantix and information for both is the same.

This is because both, Champix and Chantix are same anti-smoking drugs, but Chantix is the name approved by FDA in US whereas Champix is used in Europe and Canada.

Chantix Information – Working

 Chantix is a unique anti-smoking drug and contains the active ingredient varenicline tartrate. Chantix works by affecting nicotine receptors in the brain and helps smokers quit smoking by soothing their withdrawal symptoms, reducing nicotine cravings and snatching away pleasures of smoking.

Chantix Information – Clinical Trials

 Clinical trials gave following results and Chantix information:

  • 44% of smokers taking Chantix anti-smoking drug became non-smokers in 12 weeks
  • 5% of people who were taking Zyban were not smoking at the end of 12 weeks
  • 18% of people on placebo were not smoking after 12 weeks
  • Chantix information of abstinence rate revealed 22% success
  • Abstinence rate of Zyban was mere 16%
  • 4% success rate was revealed at the end of the treatment for placebo

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